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About Treinus

About Treinus
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mapa_treinus 2Treinus is the definitive tool for monitoring amateur or professional sports training. It is a completely new system which has been developed both for sports advisors as well as for personal trainers. It is available on the web as well as by using any type of mobile device. It enables athletes, coaches and sports staffs to use one single and secure environment, all while allowing for the complete integration of both.


Versatile. Available to you wherever you are and whenever you need it on the web or by using any mobile device. Stay on top of your workouts and of the events of your team. Register your equipment. Track your progress in training.


Agility; for quick communication with your athletes. Practicality; for practical and simple sending of training spreadsheets. Tranquility; for efficient monitoring of student attendance. There is yet a plethora of features that will optimize your work.


Efficient staff monitoring. Organize your whole team in a uniform or custom manner. Monitor your finances, enjoy integrating bank dockets. Always keep all of your student data in your hands. Analyze reports and increasingly optimize your time.

Customization, integration and more convenience

Develop spreadsheets of your students more rapidly and with more flexibility. Enjoy all the features that the tool offers. Within Treinus, coaches use their spreadsheets to track, monitor and develop their athletes. The objectives of each individual are as varied as they can be, but the search for good results is designed by the millimeter and that’s something everyone wants at a 100%! The editing and inclusion of training is easily and quickly done. There are also options allowing you to copy workouts for different days of the week or to copy spreadsheets for different athletes, who have the same level of preparation, and much more.

Monitor the presence of athletes

It has never been easier to keep an updated track of athletes attendance. With a single click on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can keep an attendance record. Get simple and complete reports. With a single click on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can keep an attendance record. Get simple and complete reports. The attendance list will allow the administrator/manager to better monitor the presence of athletes during their training regardless of whether the activity was to be performed on site or at a distance. The handling of the list is quite simple, other than it performing immediate and quick updates. The main advantages of the attendance list are:


  • Better monitoring of the presence of athletes during training;
  • Easily handled list;
  • Quick updates;
  • Determination reports through athlete attendance;
  • Absence percentage and filters by coach, site and group.

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